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How it works ?
1. PC with web access retrieves a web page from the SMS Server, enters the SMS message and phone number(s) to call, and submit the form back to the SMS Server.
2. SMS Station automatically checks with the SMS Server for messages, and sends messages via GSM/GPRS PC Card or Nokia phone.
3. For 2-way / interactive application, formatted SMS message sends to SMS Server via mobile phone, and SMS Server decodes and triggers application to process request.
Hardware Requirements
  The integrated approach combines the SMS Server with the SMS Station on one single PC. It requires :-
  Pentium III or above, with minimum 128M memory, 20 GB hard disk, LAN card and one fixed IP address.
  The distributed approach separates the SMS Server from the SMS Station. The SMS Station can be a Pentium II or above with minimum 64M memory, 1 GB hard disk, and LAN card.

Software Requirements

  Server (or Server + SMS Station)
  Windows NT or Windows 2000 server
  Microsoft SQL*Server or Microsoft Access
  SMS Station
  Windows 98 or Windows 2000 professional
  GJ Technology NetPOP software

Lease Vs Own

GJ Technology can provide the NetPOP suite either as an enterprise network solution or a NetPOP suite service. 

For the enterprise solution, the NetPOP will be installed in the enterprise's locations (typically one per region). The client will pay GJ a per location installation fee and an annual maintenance fee.  This arrangement is most suited for an enterprise that have frequent and regular needs to send and receive mission critical information that will justify the need for a private enterprise network solution.  With the ownership, it is possible for the client to offer branded services based on the NetPOP's capabilities. 

For a client that may have less intensive use, GJ Technology can offer the NetPOP suite as a service through its own network. The client will pay a monthly fee plus a usage sensitive fee based on the local destination telecom charges.


  Starting price is US$3,000 for the enterprise network solution. For the NetPOP service through GJ Technology,  please send us an e-mail listing your requirement.
  E-mail : info@wealth-tech.com



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